Tx360® Nasal Applicator

Precise targeting, Optimal Results

Watch How the Tx360® Works

Understanding the Tx360®: Revolutionizing SPG Treatments

The Tx360® Nasal Applicator targets the Sphenopalatine Ganglion with precision, administering treatment directly to the nerve cluster. This innovative approach offers an effective, non-surgical solution for various conditions. Watch our explanatory animation to see the Tx360® in action.

Features of Tx360®

The only FDA cleared device of its kind, provides a unique non-surgical delivery of medication precisely and consistently to the SPG, with ease, every time.

Its patented technology targets the SPG nerves to alter its signals. The device gently extends along the nasal pathway to reach the area of SPG. Once the device is positioned, it delivers minimal amounts of medication, directly and precisely onto SPG. ResultMinimal Medication, Maximum effect.

Healthcare Providers

Enhance your approach and your outcomes, quickly, safely, and effortlessly with Tx360®

Tx360® and its advanced technology enhances your clinical approach and turns targeting the SPG into a quick, safe, and easy to administer process


Experience the procedure and the difference, no needles, no swabs, no down time.
Patients report, minimal discomfort and quick relief.
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