Frequently Asked Questions

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asked questions about the Tx360® Nasal Applicator and targeting the SPG.

For Practitioners

The Tx360® device is available by prescription ONLY. Any trained and licensed medical professional can use the Tx360® device to perform a procedure.
Tx360® is the only patented, FDA cleared medical device that provides a unique method of delivering medication precisely, consistently, and easily to the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG). There are no other devices on the market like it.
The patient is in a seated, up right position. The device is easily inserted into the patient’s nostril, the catheter extends onto the floor of the nose, and medication is injected onto the SPG. This step is performed on each side of the nose as a bi-lateral treatment. The device is discarded after use.

For Patients

Some people may experience minimal discomfort when the small soft tip catheter is inserted into the nose, but the procedure itself is not painful.

You will be seated and positioned in an upright position, in a chair or on an exam table. Your medical practitioner will gently tilt your chin back and lift your nostril up to place the Tx360® Nasal Applicator into your nose, and then set the device by sliding a soft tip catheter onto the floor of your nose.
Once the device is in proper placement the medication is injected into one side, targeting the SPG. TheTx360® is removed. The procedure is repeated on the other side.

The procedure itself should not impact your ability to resume normal activities.
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